Unfamiliar Territory by Rachel Bo
Wolf-Bound, Book 2
Loose Id
Shapeshifter Paranormal/Heterosexual Ménage (M/M/M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-547-0
Reviewed by Sabella



Jenny Blake is living a dream life with her two bonded weyr-wolves – Devlin and Damien.  Right now they are enjoying their life before the twins that Jenny is carrying are born.  However, when Tara, Jenny’s bestfriend, shows up asking Jenny to adopt her unborn child things get complicated.  Tara’s baby is a weyr-wolf and when the father of the baby shows up things become more difficult.

Devlin and Damien are weyr twins and as is custom they share a wife.  Now, that Jenny is pregnant things couldn’t be better, but when Jacob O'Connail shows up life becomes knotty because they had just agreed to adopt his unborn son and raise him as their own.  But, Jenny has ideas on how to work this out.  But will they be able to do so without tearing their little pack apart?

Jacob O’Connail is holding on to his sanity by a thin thread.  His twin is dead but the hope of finding and caring for their twin sons is the only thing keeping Jacob moving.  However, when he makes the unexpected discovery about the twins babies his sanity breaks. 

Jenny thinks she can reach Jacob and bring him into the Blake pack.  Will Jacob reach for this branch and pull himself to sanity or will he prefer to keep hiding from the pain?  Will the Blake brothers be able to handle the changes to the pack that are bound to happen if Jacob joins their pack?  Will they all survive the danger that stalks Jacob coming to roost on their doorstep?

Unfamiliar Territory is a strange and erotic read that takes an interesting twist to the typical shape-shifter story.  Jenny is a real “mother” and that quality shines through all her actions throughout the story.  Devlin and Damien are strong Alpha males that are bound to each other and one mate, which makes for some very steamy reading.  Jacob will pull on your heartstrings from the beginning and keep on pulling them until the end.  The principal storyline is very interesting, but my attention wandered and I become impatient with some of the reactions of the men as they didn’t feel real within the context of the story.  When two Alpha males can “share” their mate with a third man, who is an outsider, the feelings and reactions portrayed passed, in my opinion, from unlikely to the realm of the unbelievable.

Also, the “evil” that stalks the weyr men feels very amorphous until the very end and even then many things are left unexplained.  In addition, some of the secondary characters actions are so self-centered and self-serving that they made me want to pull my hair and stop reading the book.  However, the sexual encounters between Jenny, Jacob, Devlin and Damien are incredibly hot and inventive, but this book is not for the faint of heart as there are several sexual encounters while in shifted form.  Unfamiliar Territory is an interesting and incredibly steamy book but it is not an engrossing read.


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