Tough Love by Helen Gabriel
 Loose Id
LGBT Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-338-4
Reviewed by Ley



Analise 'Lise' and Jacob were friends since childhood, meeting on their very first day of grammar school. Jacob, a boy from an abusive home on the wrong side of the tracks seemed to be the unlikely companion for Lise, who was from a wealthy privileged home. The two friends were inseparable; they lived through the good, the bad and the unthinkable together. They never thought anything or anyone could come between them, but then they met Michael.

Jacob stepped aside for Lise to be happy with Michael. He distanced himself from his best friend, the only woman he could ever love, and Michael, the only person who could physically arouse him.  Now Michael is standing on his doorstep, needing Jacob's strength to help him bury the woman they both loved.

Helen Gabriel's Tough Love, dealt with some tough choices. I felt such sadness for Jacob who never had anything good in life except Lise and then finding Michael only to give them both up.  The passion between Michael and Lise, and Jacob and Michael was so evident and overwhelming, that it was a bit of a let down that they were not able to explore it more between the three.  Taking a line from the book “You’ll kill yourself with ‘what ifs,’ kid...” such a true statement, but I can't help but have them. However, pushing my 'what ifs' aside, this was a beautiful love story.


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