Tombstone Ranch by Shayne Carmichael
ISBN 978-1-59426-754-3
Erotic M/M Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Nannette



In 1881 Jake Mathersí life was forever changed when he followed William Tolliver back to Boston from Tombstone, Arizona.  Now in 2281, Jake is living in Ephasia, running the Tomsbtone Ranch.

When Les Westwood arrives at the ranch looking for work, he meets handsome - and much younger than he thought - Old Jake.  After their relationship becomes more intimate, Les finds out why most employees donít stay at the ranch for long. Will Les leave too, or will he accept Jake for who he really is?  

Cowboys and vampires may not be a likely match, but Shayne Carmichael blends them seamlessly in Tombstone Ranch.  I really like how the story plays out and I think Jake and Les are a great match.  Tombstone Ranch is a sexy and romantic story with a very interesting storyline.


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