To Serve and Protect by Chris Owen, CB Potts, Alexa Snow & Tory Temple
Gay, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60370-165-5 ebook, 1-60370-165-6 paperback
Reviewed by Raine



On the Clock by Chris Owen

Homicide detective Cort Strang is almost through with his shift when the body of a social introvert is found dead in his apartment. Frustrated, he heads off to deal with his newest case. A surprise in the form of Patrick Gallagher is on scene. Pat turns out to be a computer crimes detective, gorgeous and he just hit on him.

Chris Owen’s On the Clock is about two detectives meeting and then trying to find time between clues to get together. Cort and Patrick have to work to find time to be together but when they do, it’s like gunshot; hot, fast and explosive.


Nothing’s Ever Easy by CB Potts

Grant Grandmaison is a corrections officer who’s feeling beat down. After an unusual evening at the club and a guy with bright green eyes, he finds an temporary escape from his pressures.

In Nothing’s Ever Easy a night of indulgence finds Grant what he hopes could possibly be a permanent happy fix. CB Potts delivers sizzling sex with light BDSM along with a spark hope in this story.


Flesh and Blood by Tory Temple

Chance and Tucker are back. Tucker is floundering in a sea of uncertainty. He’s really stressed about how the world views their relationship. Chance needs to find a way to make Tuck see what they have is beautiful and real. That only what they think and feel is what really matters.

I love these guys! Chance and Tuck are still as explosive as ever in this tale. Your emotions will be taken on a wild ride as you enter their world. Tory Temple’s sexy loving men in Flesh and Blood will set your blood afire once more. 


Trace Evidence by Alexa Snow

Detective Mitch Anderson and his partner Leo Banks take a call that leads to a dead body in the local park. The men are working on a deadline to find the killer and the more time that passes the less chances of solving the case. Mitch is also on a deadline at home, he’s close to losing his life partner, Clay. Can Mitch find all the pieces to make everything fall into place, home and work, or will one suffer?

This final story took me by surprise…..I didn’t see the end coming, which dodesn’t happen often. You will LOVE the plot twist in Trace Evidence. Alexa Snow’s sexy characters will steal your heart as you tag along on their journey of discovery.


You will love this incredible collection of stories, that they’re men in uniform only make it that much better! All bring a kernel of hope and of course lots of man love as you take part in their stories. I loved To Serve and Protect and you will too!


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