Through the Fire by Liz Andrews
Series: Veterans
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-305-6
Reviewed by Nellie



Baldwin Garrett was cynical due to the war and his wealth. Wounded in a tour of duty and getting the best medical care due to his wealth, he sets everyone at arms length because of guilt. Despite the defensive wall he built himself, a feisty vixen burrowed through by not backing down from his standoffish attitude and dared to challenge his surly attitude. Kena Rutherford was hired to do some house cleaning by Baldwin’s mother and Kena was willing to do it at a lower cost hoping to garner more business from her rich friends. But the best-laid plans always go asunder as she was caught skinny-dipping by Baldwin who had come home early. She gets fired by Baldwin’s mother who had lined up a cheerleader Barbie doll to facilitate in Baldwin’s rehabilitation and Kena was not a women she wanted her son to become too friendly with.

Reading Through the Fire was a pleasure, it kept me with a constant cheesy smile plastered on my face with its quip anecdotes, and the little disagreements and situations the two main characters found themselves in. It was just a simple story of an injured soldier who falls in love and finds his mission in life. It was not an earth-shattering sweep me off my feet kind of romance but was an easy laid back let nature take its course story.


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