Three by Lisa Andel, TA Chase, and Bonnie Dee
Liquid Silver
Anthology / Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-59578-354-7
Reviewed by Cassie



Tia’s Leash by Lisa Andel

Tia is not a pure-blooded werewolf, which is causing huge problems with her pack.  She goes into season way more often than purebred females do, making the men want her and the women hate her.  Her Alpha, Mason, sends her to a house in town to keep her away from the pack males, but that doesn’t seem to help.  Then she meets other men, such as vampire Risk and werepanther Biggs.  Mason and her packmates don’t want to let her go, however.  Will Tia find a mate, and happiness, at last?

Tia’s Leash wasn’t what I expected.  Since the story featured werewolves and a ménage, I thought I would love it.  Unfortunately, that didn’t prove to be the case.  The story was nearly nonstop sex for Tia, first with the members of her pack, and later with Risk, Biggs, and a couple of other characters.  The sex edged out the plot, characterization, conflict, and pretty much everything else.  While the story was well written and had what could have been a fascinating premise, the non-stop sex seemed gratuitous and didn’t really help me understand the characters or sympathize with Tia. 


Two for One by TA Chase

Jack Samson is new in town, having just taken over the local veterinary practice.  He goes out to a gay club despite his inability to dance, but feels awkward and nervous, at least until he meets Brady.  Sexy blond Brady picks him up and takes him over to Simon, Brady’s lover.  After a brief interlude, Jack is called away for an emergency.  Brady and Simon call him again, though.  Can Jack fit into their partnership as a permanent third, or is he just a temporary plaything?

Two for One is a m/m/m story with three very appealing heroes.  Shy, sweet vet Jack, strong firefighter Simon, and fun, carefree horse-breeder Brady make a great combination.  The three men seemed to balance each other out.  The slow buildup of their relationship was believable, and the sex scenes were hot!  TA Chase can always be counted on to write an entertaining story, and this one was no exception.


Awakening by Bonnie Dee

Melissa has had a huge crush on Michael, a coworker, for a year, so she’s horrified to find that her roommate has slept with him.  Rachel feels terrible, not having known Michael was Melissa’s crush, so she suggests the three of them play together for the weekend.  Rachel plans to bow out afterward.  Will Melissa agree to Rachel’s proposal? 

Awakening was a very hot little tale.  I generally prefer my ménage heavy on the guys rather than the girls, but in this case having two women involved seemed just right.  Rachel and Melissa’s friendship was sweet and added spice to the lovemaking.  Sexy British Michael was a great third for their trio.  With a lot of inventive sex as well as character development and emotion, Bonnie Dee’s story is a fun and enjoyable addition to this anthology.


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