Thief of Hearts by J.C. Wilder
The Gloaming
Samhain Publishing
Genre: Futuristic
ISBN: 1-59998-490-3
Reviewed by Gracie



Harper thought that she had retired from her life of crime after she left her cheating boyfriend.  She has come home and is trying to live a “normal” life and put her past behind her.  Then, her step-brother gets into a bit of trouble with a local crime figure, Ross “Blackie” Ryan.

Chase cannot believe when he looks up and sees the one woman from his past that he cannot get out of his system.  Chase just sits back and lets Harper do all the work of breaking into Blackie’s house.

Harper is so focused on getting into the safe and back to the dinner party she does not even hear Chase enter the room.  When Chase finally speaks up Harper is flooded with memories of their time together and the bad terms of their break-up.  Chase and Harper are put into a very compromising position which brings both their feelings crashing back.  Will Harper and Chase be able to build on their feelings for each other if they make it out alive?

Thief of Hearts was an engaging read.  I loved it!  J.C. Wilder writes fun and sexy characters that drag you into their story.  Harper just wanted to leave her life behind when she left Chase.  Chase could never get Harper out of his mind and no-one ever came close to comparing to her.  I really enjoyed watching Harper and Chase work through their misunderstandings and grapple with their feelings while dealing with dangerous gun toting men.  Thief of Hearts is a great and sexy read!


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