The Vixen Princess by Cornelia Amiri
Medieval Celtic historical romance
ISBN: 1-58749-540-6, 1-58749-565-1
Reviewed by Barb



Nesta, has already had her one true love. They donít happen twice in a lifetime. She has learned to deal with the loss of her beloved Gwydion. Now she is looking toward the future and all it holds. Taking up her late husbandís sword she decides to go to battle with King Arthur.

Mabon has never been in love. He has always been King Arthurís champion, with all that has entailed. It has left no time for love or family life. But when he looks at Nesta he wonders if he might not have a chance for personal happiness after all.

They need to deal with her family helping, and hindering them.  As well they will fight the Saxons by King Arthurís side. If they can overcome these they might just have a chance at a future together.

The Vixen Princess was a book I enjoyed reading. Ms. Amiri weaves a compelling and intriguing tale of two people who donít realize they are truly meant to be together. The fight scenes were drawn to just the right degree to play a part in the story, yet not overwhelm it and detract from the love story itself. The interfering family was just the right touch of humor to keep The Vixen Princess interesting.


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