The Spirit of Mardi Gras by Lorne Rodman
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60370-105-1, 1-60370-105-2
Reviewed by Beth Anne



Tim Dawson is a shy, young man specifically visiting New Orleans during the week of Mardi Gras.  Heís ready to explore the sexual delights available and is open to new experiences.  On his first night searching for revelry, he meets an older man, Rene Gaudet.  Rene shows Tim the joy of New Orleans as only a city native can, as well as the joy of a manís first sexual encounter.  Rene romances Tim with Old World charm and sophistication, overcoming Timís natural shyness.

The Spirit of Mardi Gras is a sweet story of romance with what appears to be Reneís main philosophy:  ďLovers should feastĒ.  And feast they do, with relish.  Throughout Rene and Timís Mardi Gras week, they continued to dress in costumes and explore the night life.  The dressing room scene in the clothing store was erotic, as well as when Rene was teaching Tim the duties of a Valet.   Tim quickly finds out that Mardi Gras has a magic all of itís own, as does New Orleans.  I enjoyed the romance of Tim and Rene as well as the joyful delights of the city of New Orleans.


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