The Secrets of Harden Long by Peter A. Brandt
Linden Bay Romance
ISBN 1-905393-87-3
Print ISBN 978-1905393886
Reviewed by Barb



Harden Long writes romance novels. Just like the tales that his mother used to read to him when he was a child. One of them, The Orphaned Prince has just been picked up for publication.  However, he has just lost all his buddies as they feel real men don’t write romance – Harden must be gay. It does not matter they he lives for football, brassy, overly-made-up blondes and the occasional beer.

Cooter has decided that Harden Long has written about his life – and he wants his throne (the Canadian throne) or at least his crown jewels. He sells his trailer and everything he owns except for his truck and heads to Calgary to claim his birthright.

Dixie Dawn lives with Cooter. When he sells her home she goes with him to Calgary. Someday she will have the life she wants and feels she deserves. ‘Till then she has Cooter.

The first meeting between Harden and Dixie Dawn makes them wonder if they have met the one person each of them has always searched for. And what do they do about Cooter? Does happily-ever-after ever occur?

The Secrets of Harden Long left me with a smile on my face. I found myself reading the story, forgetting myself and laughing out loud in the middle of a Starbucks. Peter A. Brandt knows how to write at story with dry wit. His ability to show how ludicrous life and people can be is very well developed. If you like humor with some romance you will thoroughly enjoy this book.


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