The Scion of the House of Garu by H.B. Kurtzwilde
Guide to Survival, Volume 1
Torquere Press
Fantasy (M/M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-070-2; 1-60370-070-6
Reviewed by Sabella



Jenner Garu is a man of contradictions – he is infinitely dangerous while being a deeply emotional man.  Jenner went Out System to prove to himself that he could make it on his own before settling into the life he was expected to lead as the Duke of Eab Nanoorn.  However, when Jenner comes home dragging behind him Grey, an outlander that is out for Jenner’s blood, Jenner’s life spins out of control.  So Jenner’s fathers call upon Lysander, a family friend and well-known musician, to be Grey’s healing witness and help Jenner mend Grey.  But things get complicated when Jenner confides that he is in love with Grey since Lysander and Grey have begun a relationship of their own and Grey hasn’t quite forgiven Jenner for his sins.

Will Jenner ever get his heart’s desire or is he destined to be a pawn of politics and his strange heritage?

Guide to Survival, Volume 1: The Scion of the House of Garu is an incredibly rich and complex tale that deals with the emotional survival after life’s hard knocks. H.B. Kurtzwilde built an amazing world that will capture your imagination from the first page and keep you riveted from beginning to end. Jenner and Grey struggle throughout the story to overcome the trauma of Grey’s rape, with the help of Lysander – who has already survived similar events. This story explores how different people cope and overcome traumatic events and how they are undeniably changed by them. Survival for Jenner, Grey and Lysander is more than just living through the event but being able to forgive themselves and others and adjust to a “normal” life afterwards. Despite the difficult topic of rape The Scion of the House of Garu is an erotic romance that will take you along for the rollercoaster ride of finding the strength to overcome tragedy and chasing after love. The Scion of the House of Garu is a great book and a must buy for readers looking for a good book and characters that will stay with you.


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