The Prophecy by Kristina Diesen
The Brood, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60494-067-2
Reviewed by Indy



A prophecy of a leopard and tiger becoming mates has caused Anna to become a hunted shifter. Marked as a mere babe by the tiger meant to be her future mate, she has waited all her life for him to return to her. Alexei, a Siberian shifter, has returned but with him he brings vengeance. Intent on finding the ones responsible for his brotherís death he doesnít want to hear about prophecies and true mates. He doesnít know why heís reacting so strongly to the beautiful feline but it canít be based on some old tale passed down through the generations. Alexei will need to come to terms with his fate if he and Anna will ever have a chance to enjoy the great love theyíre destined for.

Normally you find shifter stories filled to the brim with overly arrogant males who love what and who they are. With the help of an interesting creative twist, The Prophecy turned into an emotionally engaging tale that was as intense as it was exciting. Kristina Diesen did a great job with the storyline and added just the right elements of tortured beast, caring and compassionate mates and wildly satisfying sensual encounters. Iím positive fans of the paranormal genre will finish this story feeling satisfied with Anna and Alexei and how their love finally does conquer all.


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