The Pro by D. J. Manly
Loose Id
LGBT Erotic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59632-568-5
Reviewed by Ley


Zach Freeman is a cop with an obsession, and that obsession is to bring down the guy responsible for the horrific death of a little girl.  For four long years his obsession took over his life. It destroyed his relationship with his ex-lover Peter, led him to depend on the bottle to get through the day and he was still no closer to making an arrest. He needed an inside man, and Lee Hastings was the perfect person.

Lee was a high-class prostitute whose clientele included people of power. Keeping his client's business dealings with him confidential was something he prided himself on, and he didn't take to kindly to being threatened to do otherwise.

I can never get enough of D.J. Manly's books, he has a way of creating characters that really make you feel something for them and The Pro was no different.  Zach and Lee were two men who showed this confident self assured persona to the outside world, when on the inside they were broken individuals trying to make themselves whole again.  I found The Pro, a story of romance, suspense and intrigue definitely worth reading.


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