The Lovers by Mechele Armstrong
Settler’s Mine, Book 2
Loose Id
F/M/M Polyamorous Science Fiction/Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-59632-552-4
Reviewed by Ley


Amory believed Tania to be his mate and vowed to return to her after finding his heartstone so he can finally claim her.  His journey to Settler's Mine, the biggest heartstone mine in the quadrant found him more than just his heartstone, but also his true mates Zelda and Bren.  Zelda, the mistress of the mine and her mate Bren accepted Amory as their third mate much easier than Amory was willing to accept it himself.  Zelda and Bren were more than willing to convince Amory of his true fate and share with him the pleasures of being their mate.  Between Amory, Bren and the conniving Gemini trying to take over her mine, Zelda definitely has her hands full.

The Lovers portrayed strong characters of mental as well as physical strength and honor.  Zelda was a woman to be reckoned with, a fierce protector of what was hers and her mates.  I liked Bren's connection to Zelda, he understood her and what drives her strong need for control.  Amory was like a lamb thrown to the wolves amongst these two.  Having a strong will of his own, he continued to fight his feelings for the two lovers even when he knew it was a losing battle.  Even though I am not a big sci-fi fan I found the adventure, betrayal and very descriptive sex was enough to hold my attention.


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