The Highwayman by Emily Veinglory
Cobblestone Press
Gay Historical
ISBN: 1-60088-046-0
Reviewed by Cassie



Reynard Morton lost some of his land and his higher title when Cromwell took the throne, but he still has a crumbling estate and a sister to support.  Needing money desperately, Reynard becomes a highwayman.  One night he robs a roundhead of his purse, unaware that the man is Geoffrey Larkin, his new neighbor.  He’s horrified when the man shows up at his home the next day, claiming he wants to be friends with his neighbor.  Then a sheriff is sent specifically to stop the highwayman’s robberies, and Reynard’s life begins to go into a tailspin.  Can he survive the attentions of a suspicious sheriff, an overly interested neighbor, and the chaos his life has become?

The Highwayman is yet another example of why I love Emily Veinglory’s work.  Reynard’s narration clearly shows his frustration, desperation, and irritation with himself and his life.  Although he is a nobleman, Reynard isn’t adverse to hard work and he doesn’t stand on ceremony.  He’s both annoyed by and attracted to Geoffrey, whose lifestyle as a former rake and gambler makes him the opposite of Reynard.  The conflict between these two very different men is occasionally amusing, sometimes hot, and always interesting.  Reynard’s side occupation, and his need for secrecy, added excitement to the story.  Good supporting characters, a side plot involving Reynard’s sister, an unusual time period, and very well-written love scenes combined to create a story that kept me turning pages as I read it in one sitting.  If you’re looking for an entertaining gay historical romance, you can’t go wrong with The Highwayman.


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