The Greater Good by Susan Kelley
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy/Futuristic Earth
Reviewed by Tanya



The matriarchal Solonians are a race of peaceful women who are known for their medicines and peaceful ways.  One thing they donít have is men to help continue their race.  Their men are all gone.  Lady Katerina agrees to work with one of the members of the Realm people to try and see if they can mate, and produce another race of children, that will benefit both people.

Juston is a lead warrior for the Realm.  The current Head of the Realm despises him, as he wonít follow orders if they donít make sense.  Also the Head of the Realm is trying to fund a secret project that Juston keeps getting in the way of.  So he decides the best way to get rid of Juston is to order him to be the one to mate with Lady Katerina, and move to Solonian lands.

While Juston is angered, he is drawn to Lady Katerina and things go well until they complete the mating ritual of Solonians, which puts a control collar on him.  Now he is trapped against his will and this is against all that Juston stands for.  But, will he come to love his new people, and Katerina in spite of these issues, and will they figure out together whom is setting up both their races and why?

I found The Greater Good to be a fascinating book.  Not only was the writer able to portray wonderful sensual scenes between the two main characters but also, the change the Earth goes through is a fascinating possibility that had me discussing the possibility with others.  It isnít just any day that I can get my husband to discuss the plot line of a romance book with me.  I look forward to reading other offerings by this author.  The Greater Good is a must read for those who like a little science in their romance.


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