The Devil's Plaything by Eve Vaughn
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-484-8
Reviewed by Nellie



In all things in the universe there are two primal opposing but complementary forces, whether ying yang, evil good, day night and others. For Maxwell Sterling his genetic anomaly sends him in search of his counter balance and he found it in the form of Olivia Watts.

 Olivia Watts is a single mother who is struggling to pay her bills without any help from her deadbeat ex-husband who refuses to pay support. As if she does not have enough on her plate, she has a charismatic millionaire pursuing her, she is receiving threatening phone calls, and has jealous coworkers making snide remarks and to top it all someone is trying to kill her.

The Devil's Plaything was well written and plotted story but had holes in it. What was supposed to be a culmination of events leading to a surprise unfolding of the villain was obvious from the start. It had a strong storyline but at the end, it fell into a predictable pattern. Might have disappointed me at the end but there was never a boring moment, from near miss accidents, crank calls, to paparazzi, it was none stop accumulation of events.


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