The Comanchero's Bride by A.L. Debran
Cobblestone Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-165-7
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Elizabeth Bradford White is the heiress to an eastern shipping business. Tired of the staunchness of society and the rules of proper young ladies, Elizabeth escaped to Laredo, Texas to live with a family friend.  She left behind a supposed fiancé, Grayson Beal, a man she despises and has no intentions of marrying.  During a Mexican Independence Day celebration, Elizabeth meets ex-Comanchero Domingo Raoul Valderas y César, Mingo for short.  Her attraction to this man is instantaneous and smoldering.  His attraction to her is just as powerful. 

Mingo is on the right side of the law at this point in his life. Still wanted for his comanchero days, he has to be very careful where he goes and who he is seen with.  He knows that he has no business being with Elizabeth but he can’t help it.  From the first time he saw her he wanted her.  Mingo plans to build a life with his new bride by his side until a man from her past threatens their very existence.  The two lovers have to fight tooth and nail to be together.  Will their fight be in vain or will they overcome the obstacles blocking their path to true happiness?

I love how A. L. Debran combined the cultures of Mingo and Elizabeth in The Comanchero’s Bride.  In western history, the reality was that Mingo and Elizabeth would have had to fight for their love so I applaud the author for making this novel as realistic as possible.  I found Mingo loyal and extremely sensuous.  His love for his “Isabel” shined through and all he wanted was to be was a husband and Elizabeth’s protector.  Elizabeth gave up a lot to be with Mingo but her characterization was written in such a manner that I can truly say she didn’t mind at all.  Her love for Mingo was inexhaustible and steadfast. 

The Comanchero’s Bride was truly a book about overcoming the bad things and making a life the best way you know how.  I really enjoy A. L. Debran’s western stories very much.  She has never disappointed me in the least and I am always looking forward to each and every book she writes.


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