Tentacles of Love by Margaret Carter
Naughty Nuptials Quickies
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Paranormal Romance (M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-41991-097-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Lauren is getting rather desperate with the wedding around the corner and her fiancé, Blake, refusing to sleep with her.  Still, Blake is a wonderful man even if his family is a little on the weird side.  Blake, however, is refusing to sleep with Lauren for a very good reason – when he shares the family secrets she might run screaming for the hills!

Tentacles of Love is a fun read if you enjoy tales that go into the absurd and mix it with a little sex.  Lauren and Blake are obviously in love and Lauren holds on to that in order to not let Blake’s revelations drive her away.  I found the premise of the book very interesting and humorous, but the actual interactions and dialogue between the characters to be slightly silly and ridiculous.  However, Tentacles of Love is a funny read for a day you are looking for a quick and entertaining love story.


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