Ten Things Id Do For a Cowboy by Donna Michaels
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



When Amanda Lang had started her Ten Things Id Do For a Cowboy article, shed never anticipated that it would end with her own husband running off with the wife of one of the cowboys.  Now she had returned to Buchanan Wild Horse and Burro Transition Ranch hoping to make amends.

Rafe Buchanan could not believe what his father and uncle had done.  They had gone behind his back and conspired with the enemy, and that was one of the more kinder words he would use to describe Amanda.  They were allowing her to come to the ranch to write an article to raise awareness of wild horse adoptions.

Ten Things Id Do For a Cowboy is about a heroine who believes that she needs forgiveness, and a hero who (at first) doesnt believe she deserves any.  What neither of them initially realize, is that Amanda is just as much a victim as Rafe.  Amanda needs to accept that she was not responsible for her husband cheating on her, and as Rafe spends more time with her, he begins to learn about the real Amanda, not the person he imagined her to be.  As they both come to terms with their mutual past, they begin to wonder if they might just have a future together. 

I was impressed by the depth of the characters, and enjoyed the storyline.  It was entertaining, as well as informative about the horse adoptions.  I was a bit disappointed by being able to continually predict Rafes reactions, but overall, I was very pleased with this story.  I look forward to more stories by this author.


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