Temporary Absentee by Laney Cairo
Torquere Press
M/M Contemporary
Reviewed by Lidyah



After a failed relationship, a heartbroken Mark runs away to Milan, and meets a young and beautiful boy named Logan. Both men come together in lust, after a few days together, Mark thinks heís found something special in Logan. But Logan has a different perspective on their journey together.

Iím a big fan of Laney Cairo; the author has a distinct way of writing, which always leaves me feeling satisfied. Temporary Absentee is a cleverly penned story that shows you a different view on what is long lasting and what isnít. I truly felt I was with both Logan and Mark on their journey through Europe. The writing was very much styled as a Ďthrough the spy-glassí which made it more intimate and enjoyable. The ending to the story was very satisfactory and believable. It truly was a great ending to a very enjoyable story.


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