Take Me Out by Gabrina Garza
Amber Allure
Gay, Contemporary, Voyeurism. Exhibitionism
ISBN: 13: 978-1-60272-135-7 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Raine



Ty Parker has been shortstop with the Arsenal’s baseball team for four years. He’s hidden his lifestyle from his teammates the entire time in fear of how they’ll react. His rooming buddy while on the road is out with an injury and he’s just been thrown the replacement to room with.

Jaeger Wise has been brought onto the Arsenals team to fill in for the injured player and he’s hot. His dimples and body of dreams is so very tempting and Ty would nothing better than to have a taste. Does he make a move and see what happens, or should he stay in hiding and just play is safe?              

Take Me Out is a high voltage book. The chemistry between Ty and Jae is undeniable. The guys throw sparks when left alone to deal with the heat.  I think Gabrina Garza has written a great story for when you want something that sizzles in a brief amount of time.


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