Tabula Rasa by Tory Temple
ISBN: 978-1-60370-197-6
Reviewed by Ley



After his roping partner gets hurt with the new rodeo season fast approaching Teagan Rafferty needs to find a replacement very quickly.  Missing out on this season could be detrimental to the survival of his horse ranch.  He needs to find someone who could keep them in the top ten, and help them earn enough money to keep the ranch afloat, Cash Whitmore just may be that person.  Teagan knew Cash was what he needed on the rodeo circuit, and he also knew he was what he wanted in his bed.

Cash was a quick-tempered, guarded loner, he wasn't looking for anything except to make money at this seasons rodeo.  He agreed to partner with Teagan for the money only; the sex was just an added perk.  The two cowboys couldn't deny their physical attraction but when one mistakes their relationship to be more than just physical, their partnership begins to sour.   From there things go from bad to worst until a twist of fate brings them to a blank slate where they can start over again, at least for now.

Tabula Rasa was a story of finding love when least expected but being too stubborn and pig headed to accept and trust in it. I liked Teagan from the start; he was an average guy with a quiet home life just trying to get by.  Quite the opposite from him, Cash was so tightly wound up it took an accident to get him to relax and show the real Cash hiding inside.  Seeing this side of Cash helped to alleviate some of the frustration I built up toward him.  All in all I enjoyed reading this story, with all it's ups and downs I was rooting for Cash and Teagan to get it together and realize they belong with one another.


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