Surveillance by Leigh Ellwood
Erotic Romance, Heatsheet
ISBN: 1-59426-463-6
Reviewer: Erys



Troy Clarke is flat broke. While he loves it in Atlanta, and is hoping to earn enough and make it big here, there is a shortage of acting jobs.  Desperate for cash, he agrees to take a cleaning job at his best friend’s company.

When Darlene tells him he’ll have to strip naked before he cleans the pop star’s home, he thinks she’d kidding.  She’s not.  For the amount of money the man is paying, Troy knows he can’t say no.  Troy’s got a great body, and if some rich guy wants to pay him to strut around naked while he cleans, well the money more than makes up for the discomfort.

Dean is a cop by day and a security guard at night.  Working two jobs leaves him little time to find a lover, and even less time to find someone he could really care about.  When he sees Troy strip naked and start cleaning, he can’t believe his eyes.  While he wants to see if there could be something between him and Troy, Dean knows he doesn’t have time to be with anyone.

Can they overcome a few obstacles and find out if there could be anything between them?

Surveillance is a hot read that pulls you in and keeps you to the very end.  Although I was leery in the beginning, wondering what kind of weirdo would have a man clean his apartment naked, I truly enjoyed this story.  A few spots made me laugh, and the last line had me laughing out loud.  I even reread the last chapter so I could prolong my enjoyment of the story.  I look forward to more books by the talented Leigh Ellwood.


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