Starkissed by Lanette Curington
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-721-X
Romantic Sci-fi Futuristic
Reviewed by Indy



Taking over the family business while her father heals isnít something Leith wants to do but she makes the best of the situation with the help of her fatherís closest advisor. The same advisor who tells her at the last moment about a business deal with a Zi warrior, something she morally finds offensive in light of their current battle against another alien species. Leith is blindsided when her fatherís advisor leaves her and the Zi warrior on an empty planet with little food and no possible way to be saved. JíQhir is a proud warrior with many values he holds dear based on how his race has survived. Pride and honor are something he holds dear, but he still finds himself excited by the human female in a way he knows is forbidden. Leith and JíQhir will have to bypass their own prejudices as they work together to survive on a planet that is alien to them both.

A fan of futuristic worlds, I found the cover of Starkissed just the right selling point to ensure I grabbed this when it came up for review. Striking able bodied alien and the human female made for a visually enticing marketing tool. JíQhir and Leithís adventure on an alien planet was a glaring example of oneís will to survive. These two were determined and resourceful when it came to survival. Lanette Curington was able to craft a story that was unusual from the typical Sci-Fiís Iíve read lately. The only slight flaw I found while reading was the slow pace. As I tend to like stories that are faster, this one seemed to take a little long. Overall I still found the story enjoyable and interesting and sure die-hard Sci-Fi fans will enjoy the world Ms. Curington has created.


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