Sorcererís Daughter by Trinidad West
Elloraís Cave
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419909269
Reviewed by Gracie



Marina cannot remember much about her life except that she is lonely and the only daughter of Knut, a powerful sorcerer.  She is very isolated and her only friend is a man that her father turned into a beast after he caught him on their land.  Marina feels an unexplainable pull to the beast.

Duncan, the beast, came to Knutís keep to find a missing friend.  Instead, he is caught and turned into this hideous beast that is unable to speak.  Duncan feels drawn to Marina, and thinks she may be under an enchantment that hides her true identity, Anna, the woman he came to find.

Marina knows her life is not wonderful, but she feels she must endure as she really has no choice she gets sick every time she attempts to leave.  Marina has been having these incredibly sexy dreams about a woman she does not know, but feels a connection to.  Marina awakes after having one of these dreams to find Duncan standing in her room.  Everything is about to change for both of them.  Duncan is transformed back to his original form and with his help Marina begins to question her circumstances and her memories.  As the memories come back, they must face the reasons that initially brought them to Knutís lands and the feelings they shared during, before, and after the enchantment.  Can their feelings withstand all the changes they have and continue to face?

Sorcererís Daughter is an interesting read.  Marina while not content is settled with the life she has and does not see an escape.  Duncan has always known what he wants and he has finally decided to go after it.  Trinidad West writes a story filled with interesting characters, but I have to admit that I had a hard time connecting with them.  I tried to become invested in their story, but I just did not quite make it.  Sorcererís Daughter was different, and while I wasnít completely impressed, I will try more by Trinidad West.


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