Smolder by Sammie Jo Moresca
ISBN: 1-59426-521-6
Reviewed by Ley



Susan Cervini lost her husband Brandon, a NYC firefighter on 9/11.  Two years later she continues to deal with her grief and rebuild her life with the help of her husband's best friend and NYC firefighter Johnny Newman.  Susan has always  had feelings for Johnny but lately they have been more than just friendship feelings and she is a bit unnerved by them. And with the disappearance of her cousin and a possible stalker on her hands she needs Johnny more than ever.

Johnny has been in love with Susan from the first moment they met six years ago.   No woman he's been with since has measured up to her.  After two years of mourning the loss of Brandon, Johnny feels it is time she knew his true feelings.  

Moving forward after a tragedy is never easy, so I could understand Susan's reluctance about moving too quickly with Johnny, especially being that Brandon was the only man she's ever known.  I felt Sammie Jo Moresca did a good job in capturing the voice and demeanor of her characters with the exception of Rainbeaux. Johnny was perfect. I could actually hear his New York accent in my head as I read his dialogue.  As for the story as a whole, I found Smolder to have quite a few interpolations that took away from the story of Johnny and Susan.  The mystery and suspense aspect of the story seemed out of place for a romance dealing with life after 9/11. 


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