Sleeping Stone by Alexa Snow
Torquere LGBT Contemporary
ISBN: 1-934166-64-2, 978-1-93416696492
Reviewed by Ley



Christian 'Chris' Turner has been hurt before by someone who claimed to love him. Meeting and falling in love with Jazz was the last thing he wanted to do, but Jazz was so easy to love he couldn't help himself. Jason 'Jazz' Stone could be viewed as flighty, and whimsical, someone who didn't take too much in life seriously. To a point that was true except when it came to love. When he fell in love it was completely and for the long haul. That was the case with Chris and his ex-boyfriend Richard.

Richard, the much older, very handsome and very rich ex-boyfriend re-appears in Jazz's life just when he Chris were starting to build a life together. He didn't deny he wanted Jazz back, and Chris knows Jazz still loves Richard also. What Chris didn't expect was to have a strong attraction to the man as well.

In Sleeping Stone, even though Chris has a strong attraction to Richard from the start, I felt he was pressured into opening up his and Jazz's relationship into a threesome. It was obvious that Jazz and Richard still loved each other. Chris' insecurities, and fear of losing Jazz tipped the scales for him to give in to his attraction to Richard and eventually allow himself to love him. Pleasing Jazz seemed to be the common goal of the two men who loved him. That's what led Richard to purchase, and Chris to give in to Jazz keeping the motorcycle that caused the accident that left him in a coma. Despite of my feelings that the giving and the taking of the three lovers was bit lopsided, I did like this story a lot. Especially Alexa Snow's writing style, it was different.  I found it made the flow of the story more enjoyable because I was very aware of what was going on in the future as I was reading their past.


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