Simple and Easy by Gavin Atlas
Forbidden Publications
Gay / BDSM / Non-Consensual Sex / Group Sex
Reviewed by Raine



Derek moves from NYC to Richmond, VA hoping to start a new life leaving behind an uncaring lover. While he likes being a bottom and likes being used, he did want his sex to mean something to the person he was with. He wants to find someone who can dominate him and yet care for him at the same time. Yet once his hunt begins in Richmond he finds it’s pretty much the same thing in this little town as it was in the big city. Derek begins to wonders if he’ll ever find someone to care about him.

Simple and Easy is very well written, it’s very hard to write a sex scene with multiple partners and Gavin Atlas did a great job keeping the scenes clear and concise for the reader to follow. While I love M/M stories, the men in this book get together in some most unconventional ways or at least in my idea of how lovers should come together. If you’re a romantic at heart and want a “happily ever after” beware this ends more as a “happy for now” for Derek.


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