Shipwrecked by Ashley Ladd
Contemporary/Action & Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-906328-02-3
Reviewed by Tanya



Katie can’t believe her life has gone so wrong suddenly.  She is escaping a huge disaster of a break up and now suddenly she is on a small boat in the South Pacific with just the captain and Scott (Mr. Super Rich) and it looks like they are going to lose their boat in the storm.  Shipwrecked will just be another disaster in her recent life to deal with.

Katie is surprised at how handy Scott is and how much he seems to be into her.  After months of being stranded, their feelings for each other grow and she just might give her heart another chance.  But what will happen if they are ever rescued?  Katie knows she will never be good enough for “old money” parents and wonders if Scott is really better than her jerk of an ex-fiancé.

While Shipwrecked was an enjoyable read, I did find that parts of the story bothered me.  The biggest part being that everything seemed to come a little too easy to Katie and Scott. When they were on the island, they had everything they needed.  They didn’t seem to want for anything, which was more fantasy than fiction to me.  That being said, the story was fast-paced and an enjoyable read.  The author did a nice job of letting the reader know who the characters were, not just who they wanted others to see.  As long as you are not looking for a plausible story, Shipwrecked would fit the bill for you.


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