Shadow Dance by Taige Crenshaw
Rarities Incorporated, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419912955
Reviewed by Indy



Yadira Akridge, a Zuri Maji with enough attitude and sass to make her own mother scream, is one of the best finders of Rarities Incorporated employs. That is why she is chosen to find the Eye of Ra for a special client of their firm. Used to working alone she isn’t too happy when she finds she will be working with the “Grim Reaper” Dimitri. Dmitri and his brother are renowned and feared by most. Dimitri knows at first glance that Yadira is meant for him, now he has to get her on the same page as they hunt for the possession that can wrought destruction on them all.

In a story that has Gods, Goddess’, Vampires, Shifters and more, Shadow Dance is an action filled story with a plot that rivals some of the best folklore. With a heroine who is willing to take things in her own hands when it comes to work and play there isn’t one dull moment! Yadira’s carnal aggressiveness is rare but something that I found rather refreshing. Only a strong man can handle such a woman and Dimitri came prepared for the task. Taige Crenshaw did leave a few unanswered questions which I have to assume/hope book three will answer. Why is Yadira losing power at the most inopportune times? Who is Dimitri’s brother’s bond shadow? Will the God Solaris finally get the woman he wants? So many questions but I guess I will have to wait until the next book in this series that is winding up to be one you won’t soon forget.


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