Sex, Lies, and Vampire Hunters by Myla Jackson
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419908415
Reviewed by Cassie



Nurse Julie Taylor has been lusting after Roger Decker, a sexy police officer, for months now.  Their days off haven’t coincided, though, so they’ve had to content themselves with stolen kisses in a closet.  One night after bringing in a crazy guy who thinks he’s a vampire hunter, Roger finally asks Julie out.  Julie’s so excited about the date she thinks nothing can bring her down—at least until a man attacks her when she’s walking home.  The next morning she awakens to the face of her neighbor, who whisks her inside just as the sun is rising, claiming she’s been turned into a vampire!  Now she’s got to decide if she should go on her date, and if she should tell Roger about her new sun-challenged status…

Sex, Lies, & Vampire Hunters is a fun, fast-paced vampire story.  Julie’s frustration and confusion after she’s turned made her both believable and sympathetic, and Roger was just yummy!  It was easy to root for these two characters to get together, as they seemed like a great match for each other.  Supporting characters, such as Julie’s neighbor, her friend Kim, Roger’s partner, and the vampire hunter all add a lot to the story.  I liked the way Myla Jackson emphasized the characters’ internal struggles but didn’t get too heavy on the angst.  If you’re in the mood for a quick, enjoyable vampire tale, pick up Sex, Lies, & Vampire Hunters!


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