Seductive Reasoning by Cher Gorman
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-58608-950-1
Reviewed by Gracie



Kate Summers has never really felt like she belonged, especially where her family is concerned.  She has a completely different outlook on life than their more serious take.  Kate owns a lingerie shop and creates her own designs that are based on her customer’s astrological signs.  Kate loves her shop and wants to take her designs to the national level—and The Martina Landers Show seems to be the place to start.

Seth Fallon takes his career as a professor at Denver University very seriously.  He owes a friend a favor and agrees to go on The Martina Landers Show.  This is completely out of his comfort zone, but he feels this may be a great time to talk about his astronomy project, and get students interested in attending DU.

Kate is excited about being on the show and is surprised when she sees the man that she dated in college for a short time…his decision.  Seth is not thrilled about the show especially since his job is on the line.  The dean at school feels this is an inappropriate choice and a bad representation of Denver University.  Seeing Kate does not make him any happier.  He broke up with her in college because she just made him feel too much and he lost his focus.  The show is totally not what he expected and before he knows what has happened he finds himself being cornered into agreeing to a contest with Kate.  The contest will involve Seth having to resist Kate and her sexy designs for one week the winner walks away with a large sum of cash.  Will Kate and Seth find more than just a cash payout at the end of the week?

Seductive Reasoning is a touching and very sexy read.  Kate has so much going for her, but she cannot see past the insecurities of her childhood to the beautiful woman she is today.  Seth has always been serious and focused and he is a man who does not like distractions…and Kate is definitely a distraction.  When Kate and Seth are thrown together…the sparks fly between them.  Seductive Reasoning was an emotional read filled with lots of sexual tension and two very endearing characters.  Cher Gorman knows how to write and Seductive Reasoning is a great read


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