Secrets and Misdemeanors by G.A. Hauser
Linden Bay
Gay, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60202-076-4
Reviewed by Raine



Attorney David Thornton owns his own firm. He’s divorced and has two children. His ex-wife turned his life upside down when she divorced him for his best friend and law partner two years ago. Life has gone on…his business has flourished and he enjoys his kids when it’s his turn to have them. What he didn’t realize is how badly he’s missed having a life partner.

Lyle Wilson is one of the construction men hired by the company to update David’s law firm building. It’s lust at first glance for both men. But, Lyle isn’t “out” and David’s never dated a man. Both wonder how this can work and keep it quiet. Neither wishes to deal with the repercussions from work or life that goes with being “out”. But then Lyle’s roommate and David’s ex-wife sink their teeth into their affair and things start to unravel quickly. It leaves the men deciding what’s more important….each other or deception of who they truly are.

David dominates in the courtroom. But, he’s insecure with a new lover after being hurt so badly by is ex-wife, and a male lover at that. While totally in awe of the lifestyle David leads, Lyle still wants to take things slowly and David is left to wonder where the relationship is going. Secrets and Misdemeanors is a passionate novel about two men who have their work cut out for them if they want the relationship to work. Except…. in the bedroom, where neither has ever felt the kind of passion they experience when they come together. G.A. Hauser has written another truly passion filled romance you will love, I did!


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