Secret Fantasies by Elizabeth Lapthorne
The Montague Vampires, Book 3
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419908996
Reviewed by Indy



Restless, Phoebe Blenti decides to go out for an evening run when she runs right into the arms of Michael Montague. Michael didn’t realize what he wanted until Phoebe, a purple-eyed beauty, comes into his life. Immediately connecting with her in a way he couldn’t have foreseen has him more than a little upset when the next morning finds the woman of his fantasies, Miss July, missing from his bed. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, Michael uses the disappearance of his father and his need to find him as a way to bring Phoebe back into his life because he knows for sure she is the one meant to be his mate.

Before I begin my review of this story I have to say if you’re new to the Montague family take the time to read the preceding stories first. I felt as if I came into a show mid-season and was left with a few blind spots. With that said, Secret Fantasies is a book that seemed to be miniature side stories combined into one overflowing tale of love and adventure. The main focus is the new love of Michael Montague and his merc/pin-up Phoebe Blenti who have no hesitancy in expressing their feelings from their first meeting. I found the couple mildly appealing but they seemed to take a back seat to Michael’s fellow vampire Vasili, whose relationship with a human/vampire hybrid was much more entertaining and fun to watch. Elizabeth Lapthorne’s story was decent. I do feel however there were just too many sub-stories happening to fully enjoy the couple who were the actual focus of the book. It may be something as simple as going to read the previous titles so I can appreciate the world of the Montague Vampires and feel as if I understand them as a whole.


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