Sea Hawk's Mistress by Marianne LaCroix
Ellora’s Cave
Time Travel Romance
ISBN: 9781419911972
Reviewed by Tanya



Shelley grew up in the Keys and now she is back for summer vacation while in grad school.  She enjoys diving off the coast and is drawn to the history of sunken ships in the keys, thus wrangling a spot on a summer diving expedition on a newly found sunken ship.  She finds a silver bracelet on her first day and while playing with it, it opens and she is swept back in time.  Now she is the ‘treasure’ of Captain Jason Flint.  He thinks she is a sex-slave by the bracelet she wears and she can’t seem to convince him differently.  But, more than the act of lovemaking draws them both to each other.  She finds that just being physically linked isn’t enough for her and she takes off the bracelet.

Captain Jason Flint can’t believe the woman he has pulled out of the sea.  She is exquisite, even if she has a weird skin covering.  She claims to not be a slave but if she isn’t then what is she?  When another captain kidnaps her, Jason finally realizes what she means to him, and goes after her.  But, can he express what he really feels in time, or will she be lost to him?

Swashbuckling handsome pirates, The Florida Keys and Time Travel, Sea Hawk’s Mistress has them all.  I enjoyed this erotic story of the high seas and travel between centuries.  I felt that the author did a great job in portraying how some of the men turned to Piracy.  Having been to the Keys I love that this is where the author chose to set the story as the area makes this tale just a little bit more exotic.  I enjoyed Sea Hawk’s Mistress and think you will also.


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