Scent of Desire by Kassie Burns
Futuristic/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-504-3
Reviewed by Lisa



Captain, owner and sole human aboard the starship, Hawk’s Flight, is exactly the way Angela Bennett loves it.  Well, at least it’s the way it must be in order for Ange to have some semblance of a normal life.  Ange has no choice but to avoid men because once puberty hit so did her own natural scent which drives males to a sexual frenzy if they manage to get one whiff of her.

In a race to reach his home planet before his brother Ryol gets there, Blane Llewelyn hires Ange to take him to Kyffin.  Blane knows that the captain doesn’t normally take passengers, but he is desperate and knows what buttons to push with the wily captain.

Ange is desperately low on finances and agrees to take Blane home as long as he stays in his room, but nothing ever seems to work out easy for these two people.  Blane has his own deep secrets to hide, which Ange stumbles on.  Once on the Kyffin, Ange and the brothers unlock incredible mysteries beyond simple understanding.  All parties want to keep their own secrets but for very, very different reasons, as the outcome will affect many more than these three.

The intoxicating Scent of Desire will leave readers enjoying this sinful story of lust and love.  Kassie Burns skillfully merges futuristic starship romance with age old fantasy myths.  I sympathized with both Ange and Blane who feel so out of step in their world, plus they have some major sexual issues both real and imagined.  A unique plotline and strong characters make Scent of Desire a very satisfying story.


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