Savage by L.A. Day
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419912993
Reviewed by Beth Anne



The beginning of this story includes a Prologue and definitions for the reader’s enjoyment to better understand the setting of the story.  This is a stand-alone book, but is also part of the Hunters for Hire series.  Dean Savage is a bounty hunter and half-Rabian shape-shifter.  As a mixed breed, Dean’s shifting is brought on mostly during anger or arousal.  Alaya is the wife Dean left behind three years ago.  As the story opens, Dean has finally decided to either consummate his marriage to Alaya or end it.

In Savage, before Dean can take action to correct matters with Alaya, a distress call is intercepted by Bounty Hunters, Inc. Alaya’s planet Sa-Ro Five has been attacked by a gang of pirates known for their brutality and blood-thirstiness.  Dean sets out on his own with the help of A.L. 110, otherwise known as Al, an android with new more human-like upgrades. Between Dean and Al, they leave Bounty Hunters, Inc, with two ships and enough weapons and other droids in hopes of saving Alaya and others on Sa-Ro Five.  Dean’s rescue mission is two-fold: save the inhabitants of Sa-Ro Five and convince his wife to consummate their marriage and make a future with him.

Dean and Alaya’s reunion has all the right ingredients:  desire, passion, jealousy.  The sexual scenes are graphic and the story is fast-paced and enjoyable.


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