Rx for Submission by Ann Jacobs
Members Only, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-59596-379-6
Reviewed by Klarissa



Working as a Domme at Members Only, Selina can’t help the sudden need to participate as a sub when “Doctor T” comes into the Dungeon and takes on one of the subs there.  Selina allows herself to participate as a sub to his desire and afterward Doctor T invites her out after work.  What she doesn’t realize is that Tom is ready to settle down and he’s finally found his match…in her.

Rx for Submission will have you begging for more from this wonderful author.  Tom is a loving Dom, who is exactly what Selina needs.  Her past is brutal, but she finds love and happiness in Tom’s arms.  I enjoyed the characters and experiencing their lives very much.


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