Rough Cut by Rob Knight
Facet Book 1of 3
M/M, Contemporary, Tattoo
ISBN: 978-1-60370-182-2, 1-60370-182-6
Reviewed by Raine



Paul and his buddies from college are out to commemorate their impending college graduation. They’ve decided to go to a tattoo parlor and have some ink put on. Paul has a tough time though deciding what to have put on. If he is going to wear it forever, he’d like the tat to mean something. Paul’s a virgin when it comes to ink and men. And he finds himself completely in awe of Jules and Six, the tattoo artists, and the openness they display in their relationship. After his tat is completed Paul finds himself being included to hang at the bar with Six and Jules….but what happens there is so much more.

Paul gets his tattoo, and in celebration Six and Jules take him out… it’s one smokin’ evening. Six, Jules and Paul make for a combustible combo in Rough Cut. What a hot story of autoclaves, ink and artists.  I’ll be impatiently waiting and looking forward to the next installment in this Facet Chaser Series and joining these men for a cherry popping celebration!


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