Ridley's Rival by Dawné Dominique
Western / Erotic
ISBN: 978-1-60054-135-3
Reviewed by Nellie



Ashern Ridley has been protected from a secret that changed his father and was also responsible for him being sent away from home. When he returns home to take over management of the ranch, he is riddled by a decrepit ranch, a sick uncle trying to hold down the fort and antagonism from his childhood friend.  Madison Maddox sees the very grown and still spoiled rich boy that Ashern is. Against her better judgment she willingly invests in Ashern but soon gets disappointed as he makes himself comfortable with Amber Symthe, the ranch’s very accommodating housekeeper. Ashern and Madison have to put aside their dislike and differences as their only living relative becomes critically ill and their time is running out for the ranch as certain provisions have been set on the will.

Ridley's Rival was bland and unconvincing. I did not like Ashern’s character who was portrayed as fickle by jumping in bed with one woman and then callously discards her to go after another. I got confused about the ages of the two main characters, Ashern had just finished his bachelor’s degree and was considering going to graduate school while Madison had crow’s feet on her eyes and they had a five year age difference.


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