Rescued Heart by Donna Michaels
Forbidden Publications
ISBN: 978-1-59596-583-7
Reviewed by Tanya



Captain Kade Taggart has been betrayed.  To make matters worse, he thinks that not only is it by someone in his unit but the love of his life is likely to get herself into trouble trying to get him out.  He doesn’t think she will be caught but will instead expose that they have been lovers for the last few months.

Lt. Fallon Carter will not stop until she has rescued Taggart.  She knows that the State Department will not negotiate for his release and therefore she is going in for him.  Since it is obvious that he was set up by someone in their unit she is going to go in alone, as she doesn’t want to further endanger him.

Can she rescue him and get them both to safety, and will their hearts survive.

I was intrigued by the storyline around Rescued Heart.  The book had well thought out characters but my main issue was that it felt like a lot of the details were left out.  After reading the story I was wondering if I had read a few chapters of a longer story, and that there were many holes that I personally wanted to be filled in.  While I felt this I was also interested in the overall story and how the characters were portrayed, which was done with thought and planning that I found myself drawn into.  To sum my thoughts up while Rescued Heart is a standalone story I personally felt that I was left wanting to know the answers to too many questions.


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