Rediscovery by Rachel Bo
Strength In Numbers: Sparklers
Loose Id
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-515-9
Reviewed by Lisa



Two men and a woman, all in their middle years have formed a happy, sexually satisfying ménage-a-trios.  David Campbell once distained his own sons’ three party trio but now he sees life much differently.

It is their anniversary together so David, Jason and Joy plan to spend the evening enjoying dinner at their favorite pub restaurant followed by bowling and more importantly each other, again and again.  It will be a night of pure pleasure for David, Jason and Joy, of that they have no doubt especially with the new ‘toys’ they give each other as gifts!

Rediscovery is a tasty bit of erotic joy and sizzling, sensual sex between three consenting adults during an evening of carnal lust and love.  I’m still trying to wipe up the drool and slow down my heartbeat!  Author Rachel Bo knows exactly how to write steamy, heart pounding encounters I was also fascinated by the descriptions and usage of various ‘toys’.  If this story doesn’t make the reader sweat a bit then nothing will!


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