Rawley’s Redemption by Carol Lynne
Good-time Boys, Book 3
Total E-bound
Contemporary/Cowboy Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-32-0
Reviewed by Sabella



Rawley Good has been fired from his job for trying to bring to justice the man that shot his brother.  Now, however, that he doesn’t need to worry about his job he can finally let his relationship with Jeb progress to the point they both have been waiting for.  But, even now Rawley is still having problems with Jeb regarding his job choices and how Rawley handles his relationship.  Will Rawley’s relationship with Jeb survive all this upheaval?

Jeb Greeley has been waiting for Jeb to come to his senses and acknowledge the attraction between them.  Rawley’s objections about finally admitting how he feels are quelled when he is fired as the Sheriff and the first thing he does is come to Jeb.  But Jeb often feels alone in this relationship they have started – will Jeb ever get what he needs to be happy from Rawley?

Rawley’s Redemption continues the Good Brothers’ saga along with the romance between Rawley and Jeb.  Rawley is a typical man with high doses of insensitivity and bravado along with a good helping of emotion.  Jeb, on the other hand, is a man sure of himself and his sexuality.  Both men tend to follow the stereotypes of the closeted male and the man who is in touch with his feelings which are sometimes bothersome along with the tendency to cry often. That said, Rawley’s Redemption is an entertaining read, great for a day you are looking to be entertained and distracted from reality.


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