Rapture by Renee Field
Cerridwen Press
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781419911224
Reviewed by Lisa



Number one priority for Jamie Winters is the one-week deadline to complete her thesis and then she will earn her PhD. Plus there’s a great job opportunity with the Institute of Oceanography and closely working with the less desirable Dr. Caskett.

Seth Cutter, along with his twin brother Darius hold the secrets of the ocean within their hearts and souls. Previous bad judgment and crimes against the seas has bequeathed a ten-year sentence of land living only for Seth and worse for Darius.

Fate lends a hand when Jamie and Seth meet which sets off a chain of events that culminate in life-altering decisions for an unorthodox orphan and a prince of the North Seas. Deadly foes both on land and in the sea vow to expose the two.  Seth has met his match and his mate in Jamie but it must be her choice for their future together with all the wonders and the dangers to accept or overcome.

Rapture is a vividly detailed, multi-layered ‘tale’ of acceptance, carnal desires, insurmountable obstacles and a whole lot of underseas loving.  Author Renee Field knows how to build a fascinating world of Titans, Sirens and bad guys on land and in the ocean.  There is also an intricate secondary story with the Fates taking note of unfolding events.  Rapture is a treat to read!  I was totally involved in the characters, their lives and the fantastical underwater kingdom.  Sometimes though I wished for more editing because it seemed like too much was going on and I just wanted to know how it ended!  Having said that, it’s a good story to curl up with on a long winter’s night and hopefully Darius will find his mate someday.


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