Purgatory by BA Tortuga
Single Shot Classics
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-155-6, 1-60370-155-9
Reviewed by Sabella



After a lot of hard work and many years, Rory is the owner of Purgatory, a dude ranch, and Rory is living his dream – but he never forgot the man that he spent a week with here at this same resort ten years ago.  When Rory’s new guests arrive he couldn’t be more surprised to see the man he has spent the last ten years dreaming about in the dark of night.

Dante was married to the Seals and nothing could compete with that – but his week with the cute cowboy was never forgotten.  Now, that he is out and wandering around the country spending his retirement and disability pay Dante decides to head up to the resort that brought him such wonderful memories.  The last thing he expected was to find the cowboy from his dreams right there…

Will these two men pick up where they left off and build something real or will they just have another fling?

Purgatory is a great read and not to be missed.  BA Tortuga builds a great story around two men, life’s twists and the ability to enjoy second chances.  Rory and Dante are absolutely hot and passionate in their interactions and the feelings they evoke are wistful as well as satisfying when they are reunited.  This story will take you back to the passion of first love and the joy of finding it again when you are old and settled enough to enjoy it.  Purgatory will grab your attention from the first page and keep you glued to the screen.  Pick up Purgatory when you are looking for a satisfying read about love with lots of bone meltingly hot sex!


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