Prodigals by Angela Fiddler
Master of the Lines, Book 4
Loose ID
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-524-1
Reviewed by Lisa



In the world of vampires and humans, Vision and his lieutenant Hanz are at the top level of leadership.  Vision and Hanz have an intricate and intimate relationship that makes them even stronger and more powerful.

Kane and Jinx barely remember a time when they weren’t being threatened, hungry or on the road.  These two young men mean everything to each other.   They have a special bond unbroken by illness or outside forces – Kane and Jinx stick together through any adversity.

These four men come together, two certain in mind and power, two are fearless and foolish.  Lines of power mean everything to them, vampire and human alike.  Who wants to be a master, who holds the power of the lines?  The men are pivotal in the lives of so many depending on what choices they make.

Prodigals overwhelms the reader with erotic interludes, vampire/human encounters and emotional confrontations.  You MUST definitely read the previous stories to understand what is going on, this is not a stand alone story.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the love and conflict between all the main characters; passion and angst literally jump off the pages.  Angela Fiddler scorches the pages with this sensual journey into uncharted territory.


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