Primal By Nathalie Gray
Lycan Warriors, Book Two
Ellora’s Cave
Futuristic/Shape Shifter
ISBN: 9781419910302
Reviewed by Tanya



Liberty is a lycanthrope warrior who is a member of a soldiers-for-hire group.  She is the “geek” on the team; she is also blind without the aid of nano-technology that is actually illegal on Earth these days.  Earth has decided anyone with “enhancements” or who is Lycan, is a deviant and is not allowed to vote, hold office etc… As their rights continue to be taken away she and her team are all fighting to keep this from happening.  She hates to feel vulnerable but, that is what she is when a solar storm fries her vision implants and she is now blind while waiting for another set of nano’s.  The only thing making this bearable is that Cupcake is with her.  She has had a crush on him for almost 10 years but, is afraid to act on it, and afraid he will turn her down.  But, when the opportunity arises she will show not only what she wants but who she cares for.

Cupcake is a man with a guarded past.  He has been part of Solomon’s team for more than 10 years now but, it is what he did before that which haunts him.  It is also this secret along with Liberty’s brains that scares him away from her.  He has had a crush on her since the first day her met her, but doesn’t make a move as he feels he is beneath her in so many ways.  Though he would do anything include die for her, will he ever express his feelings?  What will happen when his past catches up with him, while on Anitoch waiting for Liberty’s implants?

Primal is one of the hottest stories I have read from Ellora’s Cave.  I loved how the two main characters have secretly had a crush on each other for more than 10 years, and neither finds fault in each other, while society is conditioned to see their individuality as a major fault.  The author does a fantastic job writing scorching hot love scenes.  She also has well developed characters and a believable plot line.  Primal is a book I can see myself reading over again (and not just the hot scenes, either).


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