Price of Pleasure by Aubrey Ross
Changeling Press
Future/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-739-8
Reviewed by Lisa



As an Ambassador of the Sabrotine Federation, Mason Fintel holds an important political position, while his sister, Megan, has her own demanding position as a busy socialite.  Very, very few people know that they are one and the same person, a shapeshifter like her mother before her.

He is a mystery man with a new name and a new identity.  Kenton Ward has absolutely no intention of returning to his previous life, and uses his wits and sensual appeal to make sure it stays that way.

Mason and Megan have unique sexual needs and a special friend thinks that Kenton is qualified for the position.  Kenton is hired by the Ambassador as an interpreter, but things get complicated very quickly both professionally and personally.  Communication could lead to heaven for these three people if they decide to take the chance, but who will take the first step or slam the door shut instead?

The Price of Pleasure is an extremely provocative futuristic love story with steamy sex and mysterious, fascinating partners.  I was totally hot and bothered in all the right places, plus I loved the characters.  Aubrey Ross uses

solid writing skills in a highly erotic story of three special people desperately needing a perfect fit.  Iím still trying to cool off!


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