Pizza, Beer and Waterbeds by Sean Michael
A Sip
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Scotty is a nerd, but he has been having fantasies about Andy, the janitor of his floor, for a while now.  Too bad that Scotty is too shy to do anything more than look or fantasize about Andy.  But when Andy takes the lead and invites Scotty to his home for some pizza and beer things get interesting, especially when Andy offers to show Scotty his waterbed. 

Pizza, Beer and Waterbeds is a great story that is as hot as it is charming after all who cannot sympathize with a first encounter where feeling clueless is the rule?  Both Andy and Scotty will have you smiling and panting by the end of the story and of course leaving you wishing for more!  Pizza, Beer and Waterbeds is a must have for the library for all lovers of m/m romance!


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